James Watts                                                                 james@jameswatts.com
	107 West 86th Street #3A                                                    (212) 721-2226
	New York, NY 10024

	Java, C/C++, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, WML, VBS, Perl, CSS, UML, TCL, Ada, IBM Assembly
	BREW, J2ME, Servlets/JSP, HTTP, XML, ASP, JDBC, RMI, Swing
	Apache, IIS, Netscape Servers, MySQL, Access, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, CVS,
	Microsoft Embedded Visual C++, Photoshop/Illustrator
	Windows98/NT/2000, Red Hat Linux, SunOS, Macintosh
	Experienced in Object Oriented software design, tools and methodologies.
	4 years experience developing applications for mobile devices.
	Excellent design sense and skilled in user interface design.
Experience Senior Developer, Vindigo Studios, June 2002-Present Led development of mobile applications including FotoShare and a BREW port of Wireless Gaming Review. Developed mobile applications for J2ME and BREW including MapQuest Mobile for most major carriers. Led integration effort with Sprint billing system to offer mobile applications. Extensive client development of network aware and location based applications for BREW and J2ME devices. Involved in initial design, implementation, and support and testing through production release on target phones. Research and implementation of technologies including SMS and WAP push. Developer, Vindigo, May 2000-June 2002 Supported, maintained, and extended the functionality of the Palm and Pocket PC Vindigo applications. Developed server side resources supporting Vindigo handheld mapping technologies, including polygon rendering and support for on demand directions. Refactored and improved existing geocoding algorithm, including support for dirty feed data. Designed and enhanced web functionality, including user acquisition and tracking, using servlets and jsp. Created account management site to allow user management of content channel subscriptions. Designed and developed internal web tools for a process automation system, a data administration site, and an application package builder. Created and supported import tools for content feeds including XML and FTP streams. Supported content update schedules including daily, weekly, and monthly updates. Designed enhancements for feed standardization and build processes and tools. Developer, Dynascript, January 2000--August 2000 One of three developers hired by CAT at NYU to beta test Dynascript, a flyweight scripting language (executable less than 180K). Benchmarked performance against ASP on Apache HTTP Server running on NT 4.0, using ODBC to connect to Access. Further custom development using dynascript to build sample dynamic and commerce web applications. Web Master, Juno Online Services, June 1999--April 2000 Directly involved in key decisions relating to site redesign, including information and site architecture, and development and technology decisions. Managed daily updates to portal site, including internal updates, scheduled automated updates, and integration of XML feeds. Made recommendations and helped form policy on workflow and content management. Designed and developed web templates including extensive javascript development. Designed and developed a client side floating ad banner. Worked closely with client development team. Used exposed VBS methods to describe and save state for embedded internet explorer browsers, scripted user interaction with JavaScript. Developer/Designer, Juno Online Services, August 1998--May 1999 Designed and scripted banner and e-commerce microsite advertisements for the Juno application, to promote Juno's billable services and clients including Qwest, John Hancock, Wired HotBot, and the Hyatt. Developed ad functionality including transactions using proprietary markup language and VBS. Production Designer, Image Zone, September 1997--July 1998 Designed and developed static and interactive industrial presentations including two and three dimensional animations. Clients included AdWeek, Johnson and Johnson, Lipton, and Pfizer. Art directed the One Club interactive's first award show. Designed and developed the Image Zone web site. Education New York University Masters of Science, Computer Science GPA: 3.8 Selected Projects Wrote a web distribution manager to manage load and localize content. Read a TCP/IP content stream, and implemented subsets of the HTTP 1.1 and HTML 4.01 specifications. Programmed in Java and in C with the BSD sockets API. Created a replicated state machine that guarantees messages sent from a series of clients to a series of servers are received in order and synchronized across servers. Algorithms included three phase commit protocol, ensuring the system remains live and makes progress as long as a minimum number of clients and servers stay live. Wrote the backend for a compiler of a subset of Ada, output compilable IBM Assembly code for the 8088 processor from a pre-generated parse tree. Supported function calls with arguments, local variables, arbitrary boolean and mathematic expressions, and array declaration and indexing. Generated quadruples, symbol tables and stack based activation records. Brown University Honors graduate Bachelors of Science, Biology Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts